The best way to familiarize yourself with our spirits is to come in an try them! If you're not into surprises though, then you can always prepare yourself below.


Only one step away from becoming bourbon, some of our unaged corn whiskey has taken a detour onto our shelves and into our glasses. Distilled from 85% corn and 15% malted barley, this whiskey provides some sweetness but with a kick and offers up a glimpse of the bourbon it will someday transform into. 

WD 2 Puppy Bourbon Master  ok.jpg

Puppy Bourbon

Distilled from 85% corn and 15% malted barley, our Puppy Bourbon is named so for it's characteristically young age (5 months). Don't let its age fool you however, it's much more mature than it sounds. Our single barrel, cask strength, "puppies" have spent 5 months aging in 5 gallon barrels, a process that results in a surprisingly smooth and flavorful spirit in a much shorter amount of time when compared to traditional 40+ gallon barrels.

WD 2 Cornucopia Master  ok.jpg

Cornucopia Whiskey

Cornucopia is defined as "an abundant supply of good things of a specified kind"; it's no wonder then, that we chose this name to describe our lightly aged, seasonally spiced, corn whiskey which is bursting at the seams with the natural flavors and aromas of fruits and spices.  Sip it on a cool evening, or try it in an old fashioned!

WD 2 Limoncello Master  ok.jpg

Lella's Limoncello

When asked about Lella's Limoncello our distiller, Carlo, often reminisces about visiting  Rome where his Aunt Gabriella, Zia Lella as she was known, often tinkered with liquor infusions.  Fond memories of her limoncello inspired Carlo to adopt the recipe and give it an American spin by utilizing our moonshine as the base spirit. Thus, Lella's Limoncello was born! A light tasting, lightly colored, and not all too sweet limoncello born in a Roman kitchen and perfected between two generations and two continents.

Howlin' Moonshine

Our Howlin' Moonshine begins as a neutral spirit and is specially flavored after distillation to provide a variety of flavored selections which rotate regularly. It's best served chilled or on the rocks and is perfect for those seeking a smoother and sweeter drinking experience. Make sure to ask a Pack member about our moonshine flavors of the moment!


CAUTION: It may have you howlin' at the moon.

White Rum

Distilled from fine molasses and crystallized sugar cane, our White Rum is a smooth sipping experience which is ideal for those seeking a little more sweetness in their spirits without added sugar. Not in the mood to sip? It tastes great in a variety of summery cocktails!

WD 2 Rum Master  ok.jpg

Aged Rum

Our White Rum has grown up! Single barrel, cask strength, and aged in our ex-bourbon barrels, our Aged Rum is a high proof, smooth sipping experience.  This spirit hits our bourbon barrels almost as soon as the whiskey flows out and therefore achieves a tremendous bourbon like quality which combines terrifically with the rums inherent sweetness. 

WD 2 Spiced Rum Master  ok.jpg

Spiced Rum

Our White Rum has been infused with a variety of herbs and spices which have imbued this spirit with a uniquely flavorful quality that is far more sippable than you might initially assume of a spiced rum. However, it still hands a certain character to a Rum & Cola or if you'd prefer to dream of a far off island... a Painkiller.  


Ever hear someone say, "I hate gin. It tastes like pine trees"? We have. Which is why we aim to eschew the typical notions of what a gin should taste like. Utilizing a proprietary blend of botanicals we have painstakingly crafted a spirit that remains gin by definition but hardly resembles your typical London Dry.  Light and refreshing with some notes of spice, this spirit is the farthest thing from being a "tree in a glass" .