Distillation is a marriage of art and science, defined by its goal to purify and refine. It is meant to extract a pure substance from a complex base.


"White dog" is common slang for moonshine; it embodies the crisp, simple, nature of whiskey fresh from the still. Without first having developed a tasty, unaged spirit that can stand on its own, a distiller's complex, barrel-aged spirit has no foundation on which to stand. 


All great spirits begin as "white dog",  but it's only through time and dedication that they develop into the complex and flavorful aged expressions often associated with distilled spirits.


White Dog Distilling is passion... for making finely crafted spirits.


White Dog Distilling is spirit... for making things from scratch.

White Dog Distilling is a journey... from grain to glass.


White Dog Distilling was founded in 2016 by the husband/wife team of Carlo and Alecia Catucci based on these philosophies. Bolstered by Carlo's background in physics and Alecia's culinary and product development experience, they set forth with one goal in mind: to produce high quality distilled spirits that could appeal to both novice spirit drinkers and longtime aficionados alike.


Along with longtime friends Vincent Greene and Eric Sylvestre, who share their passion and vision for distilling,  they began to build their distilling family aptly dubbed "The Pack". 


Together the four transformed a modestly sized historic mill space into a functional micro-distillery and tasting room in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


Since day one White Dog has remained a labor of love for The Pack. Motivated by their passion for spirits and cocktails, and their unrelenting desire to create something from scratch that is uniquely theirs, The Pack constantly strives for perfection in their products and have sworn an oath to never sell a single drop that they themselves wouldn't want to drink.